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Lawton Neighborhood

The Lawton School area includes established neighborhoods inside the freeway ring, new ones to the southwest in Pittsfield Township, a section of rural Lodi Township to the west, and Pinelake Village Cooperative, a 1960s-vintage federal project on S. Maple.

All students go on to Slauson Middle School and Pioneer High. Around the school itself, south of Scio Church, a variety of ranches, colonials, tri-levels, and traditionals were built from the mid-1960s through the 1970s, although a few are newer. Close to I-94 is Meadowbrook Village, a collection of two-story apartment buildings. On Northbrook behind the apartment complex are simple two-story homes. Here kids play in the yards or nearby Meadowbrook Park.

The Arbor Creek and Boulder Ridge subdivisions hug the west side of I-94, tucked behind the Village Centre shops. Arbor Creek provides large two-story cul-de-sac homes with tidy lawns. The colonial-style Boulder Ridge has a play park, and the two sub-divisions share a common area with a walking path. South of Waters is the Hawthorne Ridge subdivision, whose two-story homes boast big garages and vaulted brick entranceways.

Beyond the Lake Forest golf club lie small brick ranches, two-story houses, and open fields; homes are set far back down long driveways. Farther west, Lodi Township still has active farms. Some horse farms, complete with white wooden fences, cluster along Ann Arbor-Saline Rd. Along Wagner are older country homes with vegetable gardens and big yards with lots of trees, and sometimes even a tractor or dilapidated barn. There are fields of wildflowers along the road and open expanses of farmland.

Source: Ann Arbor Observer City Guid